• Food, Faith, & Fasting podcast, by Rita Madden, for Ancient Faith Radio
    The intended audience are Christians, specifically Orthodox Christians, but I think anyone interested in food and intentionality will find much to like about this. She uses Church teachings (often from the Desert Fathers and Mothers) to illustrate points, and she talks a lot about how our physical and mental health are tied together.
  • Punk Domestics
    Just an awesome site with so many resources and recipes.
  • Food in Jars
    Such beautiful pictures and recipes. I have a pressure canner, but I’ve yet to can anything. Instead I live vicariously through this site.
  • The Kitchn
    I get a lot of recipe ideas from The Kitchn, an off-shoot of Apartment Therapy. You can view their recipes by category, and of course I’m partial to the list of gluten-free recipes. Mostly I like the focus on seasonal, healthy food. Check out this post, “9 Essential Things for a Joyful, Gluten-Free Life,” if you’re new to gluten-free eating, particularly no. 7: Never leave the house without food you can eat!
  • When I Went Gluten-Free
    On a related note, sometimes you need to laugh. Katie / Gluten-Free Blondie’s Tumblr cracks me up. This post is about traveling with all your snacks.

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