On January 1, 2011, I drastically cut down on wheat and gluten. My partner has had a gluten-sensitivity for a long time, and he wanted to make a concerted effort to change the way he eats. Hey, it was New Year’s; why not? We began by committing to Gluten-Free January. After that, we ate gluten here or there, but we radically changed our diets, and my ideas about nutrition were completely turned around.

By March or April, I realized how much the change had impacted my health. I’d always been an afternoon napper, practically falling asleep by 4pm and often crawling into bed when I got home from work, waking up at 6:30 all confused and groggy. When I cut out gluten, my energy levels stabilized, and my digestive system—always sensitive—suddenly loved me. Maybe I had a latent gluten-sensitivity; maybe I was just eating too much of it. Not everyone reacts the same to different kinds of foods, but I know that my body thrives on this new way of eating.

I try not to express opinions about what other people should eat and instead focus on myself. I know what my own body demands and refuses, and I am much more in tune with its needs. I’m writing about my own learning process, the changes I’ve made, and how a new approach to nutrition and health has made my life so much better. I wanted a way to keep track of information I find useful and to organize recipes. I’ve written a little more about where I’m coming from here.

The name of this little journal—gentle ruins—is inspired by two things: 1) The idea of being gentle with yourself, sensitive to your physical and emotional needs, and 2) The ancient world, and letting the history of food and nutrition be a guide for modern eating. Also, all the other usernames I wanted were taken.


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