Accidental Low-Gluten Sweet & Spicy Cornbread

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June 17, 2012 by marieelia

This should have been a disaster, really. I saw Joel’s post on Well Preserved for Sweet and Spicy Garlic Scape Cornbread and thought I’d try it, since I happened to have garlic scapes from the farmers market and dried peppers. I knew I had some regular flour and sugar around even though I don’t buy it, but it turned out my stores were pretty low. I was even low on corn meal. I don’t recommend trying to turn regular recipes into gluten-free ones, and my experience with gluten-free baking has basically been one big disappointment (save for some gluten-free biscuits I made at Thanksgiving). And in addition to not even having all the right ingredients, I completely forgot to add the oil to the mixture because, well, I am absent-minded.

So here’s the original recipe. I ended up using half cornmeal, half millet flour, which are pretty similar, texture-wise. I also only had a little more than a cup of regular flour, so I filled the rest of the cup with brown rice flour. I used three dried chipotle peppers, rehydrated as Joel suggests in the recipe. (Chipotle peppers will give a definite smokiness to the bread, which I like, but it may not be your thing.) And I used turbinado sugar, as I had no white sugar. Also I have no bread pan, so I baked it in a cast-iron skillet greased with a tablespoon of butter (which probably saved it from being too dry due to my leaving out the oil). So basically I completely messed with the recipe, not on purpose, and still turned out with amazing cornbread with half the gluten it should’ve had:

Sweet & Spicy Cornbread


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