Recipe: Millet “Grits” with Egg & Arugula

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June 12, 2012 by marieelia

One of my favorite breakfasts lately is egg & arugula over millet “grits.” If you don’t like runny yolk, this recipe is not for you!

When you’re used to eating wheat on a daily basis, looking for alternatives can seem overwhelming.

[Have you seen this hilarious Tumblr, When I Went Gluten-Free?]

I remember my relief when I realized that one of my favorite foods, tacos, is gluten-free (if you use corn tortillas). But often, people with gluten sensitivities are also sensitive to other grains, particularly corn, and it doesn’t make sense to replace one kind of dependency with another. That’s why we’ve been exploring all kinds of other grains.

I think millet has to be one of the most versatile. Its consistency can vary depending on the water to millet ratio, and it works in savory dishes (like sleek) and sweet ones. (Another good breakfast is millet cooked in almond milk with currants and a drizzle of honey.) It also doesn’t require rinsing like quinoa, although I like to toast it before I cook it. And you can keep a batch of cooked millet in the fridge for days without it getting soggy.

So, for your egg, arugula, and grits, which I usually make with the leftover millet:

  1. Heat up about half a cup of cooked millet over low flame with a little water, covered.
  2. When it’s hot, grate in a little Parmesan or other hard cheese. A little goes a long way. (You can also crumble in some goat cheese for a different flavor/texture. You can also just mix in some olive oil and call it a day.)
  3. Put it in your bowl.
    ** Here’s where timing becomes important, and why you want your millet to be hot and in the bowl already.**
  4. Fry an egg, over easy.
  5. As soon as the egg white turns from clear to white, add some arugula to the pan. (I am generous with the arugula.)
  6. Mix it around for about 10 seconds, just enough to wilt it. Remove from the pan and put it on top of the millet.
  7. Flip your egg, just for a moment, then place it, sunny side down, on the arugula and millet, and break the yolk with a fork.
  8. Mix the yolk with the millet and arugula. Salt & pepper as you will.

Super fast, super good.

Millet “grits” with egg & arugula!


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